Glare measurement systerm

Glare is a visual condition in the field of view that causes visual discomfort and reduces object visibility due to unsuitable brightness distribution or extreme brightness contrast in space or time. Glare evaluation is one of the main contents of lighting quality evaluation.In China,glare restrictions mainly include uncomfortable glare and disability glare.Uncomfortable glare usually causes visual discomfort or fatigue, and it is the object of indoor lighting glare control.According to GB50033-2013[1] and GB50034-2013[2],the glare control levels for different work scenarios are given separately.The glare caused by the window is evaluated by DGI, and the indoor glare is evaluated by UGR. With the advancement of imaging measurement technology,Luminance imaging photometer is gradually applied to glare field evaluation,It makes it possible to use glare UGR and DGI as acceptance indicators for construction projects.



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