Contrast Graph of Anti-Blue Light Attenuation Rate

OHSP-350BR. Contrast Graph of Anti-Blue Light Attenuation Rate

You might heard that exposure to HEV at night is also mentioned in suppressing Melatonin suppression (sleep hormone) causing sleep disorders by disrupting our circadian (24 hr) rhythms. Blue light can be found from sunlight, but anything that is designed around LEDs, TVs, Computer Monitors, Light Bulbs all have the potential of exposing you to HEV light.  Blue Light filtering products include Sunglasses that block out some of the HEV light. There is a computer monitor screen filter and even a low blue light monitor.

OHSP350BR can directly calculate the absolute percentage of blue attenuation rate and the full spectrum data after two tests. Highlighted advantages: Spectrogram and peak wavelength blue attenuation rate, the equipment increases the contrast function, displaying two groups of test data on an interface, which is more concise, professional and intuitive.

Who is our solution For?

  • Anti-blue light Glasses

  • LCD film Blue light test 

  • Mobile Phone film Blue Light test 



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