Industrial Spectrometer

Color and Temperature Measurement of LED

Radiation color measurement is an important application of spectrometer. LED manufacturers use color measurements to sort LEDs (sorting standards: good or bad functions, color brightness standards, etc.) to ensure product consistency and quality stability. Screen display manufacturers use radiation measurements to calibrate screen colors to determine whether they are within the standard range. LED radiation measurement is also very useful in horticulture, because LED is also the main part of plant research and greenhouse light source; in addition, in biomedical applications, such as therapeutic instrument measurement.

Color measurement 

In fact, the definition of color is relatively subjective. The perception and acquisition of color by human eyes is common, but it is not replicable. In the twentieth century, people developed many methods to define color. The CIE XYZ 1931 coordinate system, which is commonly used nowadays, uses X and Z to refer to the color and Y to refer to the brightness (intensity). Figure 1. The CIE 1931 X and Y color spaces are shown



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