OLED eye protection, the theory of blue light hazard, Hopoocolor launched OHSP-350B blue light hazard tester to solve your troubles

21 Mar, 2019
What is blue light hazard?

I believe that many parents think of the word “eye protection” when they buy lamps for their children. The opposite is “blue light hazard”. Many products on the market are marked with “red light reduction” and “no blue light”. And there are many noun phrases, also very chaotic. How to distinguish the difference is a problem.

The ideal source of light is sunlight, but artificial light sources must be used at night. Visible light is known to have a wavelength of 380-780 nm, which contains a common blue spectrum (400 nm - 480 nm).

White light is formed by a mixture of a variety of monochromatic lights, the most basic three primary colors of light are red, green and blue. The indicator for measuring white light color is the color temperature in K (Kelvin). Generally, the color temperature range of LED illumination white light is: 2700K-7000K, the blue light component in white light is increased, the color temperature of white light is increased, the blue light component in white light is lowered and the red light component is increased, and the color temperature of white light is lowered.

Photon energy and wavelength

As can be seen from the figure, in the visible range, blue light (wavelength 400-500 nm) photons carry the most energy, which is called high energy light.

The blue light hazard is mainly caused by photochemical reactions caused by high-energy blue light, which causes damage to retinal damage. Since the blue light component of the LED product is rich, and the brightness of the exposed LED light source is often high, the LED light fixture may have a risk of blue light hazard.

theory of blue light hazard (simple figure)

Recently, China Quality Certification Center issued a notice, the latest version of the national mandatory standard GB7000.1-2015 "Lighting Part 1: General Requirements and Testing" will be implemented soon, from January 1, 2017, the center will adopt the new version of the standard implementation certification And issued a new version of the standard certification, no longer issued the old standard certification.

The new version of the standard specifically increases the requirements for blue light hazards

Luminaires with integral LED or LED modules shall be evaluated for blue light hazard in accordance with IEC/TR62778.

blue light hazard rank

The standard states: For portable luminaires and nightlights for children, the level of blue light hazard measured at a distance of 200 mm must not exceed RG1. From the blue light hazard classification, it is recommended to purchase luminaires, this standard should reach RG0 at least, and there is relevant certification report, because the smaller the Lb value, the better the eye health, not to be underestimated.

What does the blue light harm? !

1. High-energy short-wave blue light penetrates the cornea and the lens directly to the bottom of the retina, causing irreversible chemical damage directly to the retinal nerve of the eye, directly or indirectly causing damage to the cells in the macular area.

2, blue light can cause fundus damage after cataract surgery

As we age, the lens of the human body will gradually turn yellow, which helps to filter blue light and avoid blue light hazards. However, after cataract surgery, the patient loses these natural barrier "lens", and blue light will reach the retina, which will damage the retinal pigment epithelial cells and seriously affect the fundus health.

3, blue light can cause visual blur, leading to visual fatigue, causing VDT (Visual Display Terminals) syndrome

When the blue light enters the fundus and is focused, it falls between the retina and the lens without falling on the retina, which will aggravate the chromatic aberration and visual blur. When the eye muscles are over-stressed, the blood supply to the eyes is excessively tight, and the blood supply to the eyes is strengthened. To aggravate fatigue.

4, blue light can inhibit the secretion of melatonin, destroy the balance of hormone secretion, affect the quality of sleep, and increase the incidence of major diseases.

Protect your eyes, use your eyes with science, and bathe in the sun.

Blu-ray hazards are so profitable. In the sales of various lamps in the market, how to choose a qualified LED lamp for children is the most important thing. Therefore, Hangzhou Hongpuguang Color Technology Co., Ltd. Demand, vigorously launched the blue light hazard analysis test instrument OHSP-350B, to solve everyone's troubles, for the selection of qualified LED lights for everyone to provide professional guidance.



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